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Our New Clinic Space!

You may have seen the news that Dynamic Lynks is growing! We are so excited for this new adventure and the opportunity to serve more clients. Since this is such an exciting, monumental endeavor; we wanted to show you the layout of our new space and share some insights on why we are taking this leap.

Our History

Dynamic Lynks has been in our current location for 3 years now. While we absolutely love the space and are so grateful for our opening location, it was clear that an expansion was necessary. With 2 music therapists on staff, the desire for more groups, and the need for more evening and Saturday times from our families – we knew we needed a larger, more functional space for our needs!

Layout of our new clinic space

As you can see in the layout above, our new space will have more rooms and even a small waiting nook for families. This will give our clients more privacy during sessions, and allow families to come and go more flexibly. The 2 small therapy rooms will each serve a different purpose.

New Therapy Rooms

Our long room in the center will be our relaxing, child therapy space. This room will be relatively empty and have instruments that roll in and roll out. This allows our clients with higher sensory needs, who struggle with regulation, to have clear boundaries and more success during therapy sessions. It also allows our therapists to only bring useful and appropriate materials into session.

Our smaller square room will be the teen and adult therapy space. With our clients growing up, we want to provide a space that is both clinically and age appropriate to help meet their needs. This space will also house our drum set and a keyboard for music lessons. On our Pinterest board, you will see that the goal of this space is to have a “cool” room for our older clients to express themselves and make music!

The large room will be our new group space! This room is where all our social and music therapy groups will take place, as well as our yoga classes. The room will have vinyl flooring, which will be very exciting for our yoga groups! Because we now have a space for just groups, we are able to expand our program offerings. Make sure to check out our group page and our latest brochure below to see all of the new programs we are running!

More Sensory-Friendly Options

In addition to our new therapy rooms, we will also have administrative offices for private meetings and we will be adding new sensory-friendly seating options and more instruments to help our clients be more successful in sessions. The pictures below are just some of the new items that will be in our center!

As you can see, we are so excited for this next chapter of Dynamic Lynks! We are currently accepting new clients both in-center and in-home. We are taking on new contracts with schools, day programs, and special recreation associations; so please feel free to email us with any questions or interest in our services!

Join us for our Grand Re-Opening!

Thank you to our amazing families, friends, and professional collaborators who have allowed us to make this expansion a reality. The best part is that you get to share in the fun! On Friday, July 5th 2019 we will have a grand re-opening celebration for all of our current clients, members of the community, and other professionals. The event will take place in our new space 1100 Lake St Suite LL65 Oak Park, IL 60301 from 6:00 – 8:00pm. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a schedule of events!


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