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Dynamic Lynks Blog

Music Therapy and Autism

Autism Awareness month is coming to an end, and we have been sharing a lot of information on how music therapy can be used to promote development in children with autism. There is a variety of research out there about music therapy and autism. The American Science Foundation references many of these studies, as does Coast Music Therapy, the American Music Therapy Association, and the Nurse Journal - just to name a few! Music Therapists use evidence-based practices, like in the articles referenced above, to work on functional skills. This can include communication skills, cognitive development, motor/physical skills, aiding in sensory integration, and social/emotional skill development. Here

5 Ways to use Plastic Eggs that aren't Candy!

Easter is just around the corner and we are seeing those pesky, plastic eggs pop up everywhere. Luckily, there are so many ways to use them at home, in session, or in the classroom – that has nothing to do with candy! Hatching Game A lot of my clients have a difficult time with impulse control, and this is a fun way to practice waiting and patience. Steps: Fill each plastic egg with one motor movement - written on a strip or a picture Have children sit in a circle Place a bucket in the middle of the circle, filled with plastic eggs with movements inside Play “duck, duck, goose” but the goose has to sit on the bucket and hatch an egg The group does a 10 second drum roll while the goose hatche

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