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Music Therapy for Chicagoland Schools

Dynamic Lynks is the premier Chicagoland Music Therapy provider for schools both public and private. We offer music therapy groups and individual sessions for K-12th grade, as well as transition programs. Our programs are best suited for students with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities, as well as individuals with mental health needs, anxiety and behavioral struggles.

Benefits of Music Therapy in School Settings

First and foremost, music is fun. Children and adults alike will engage in age-appropriate play during music therapy sessions, and not even realize all of the skills the therapist is addressing.

The benefit of music therapy is that we take the motivation and joy of music at its core, combined with evidence-based protocols, to develop:

  • communication skills

  • cognitive skills

  • social interactions and peer relations

  • emotional expression

  • and so much more!

Dynamic Lynks, and our amazing staff of Board Certified Music Therapists have developed unique and engaging curriculum for schools all across the Chicagoland area.

Learn more about how Dynamic Lynks can impact the lives of your students by downloading our Music Therapy for Schools Brochure, reading more on the benefits of music therapy for your students, and filling out our consultation form.

Explore Therapy at Dynamic Lynks

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