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Music Therapy and Social Skills

The Dynamic Difference

Dynamic Lynks takes a neuro-affirming and strengths-based approach to social & emotional learning. Our therapists support emotional expression, levels of engagement, and social motivation through client-centered experiences.


In groups, peers practice age-appropriate strategies for social communication and fostering healthy relationships with a focus on self-monitoring and expression! This skill work is done through musical play, natural opportunities for peer relations, and psycho-education to support overall social skill development.

Our team uses a holistic approach to social development, supporting the sensory, attention, and communication needs of clients first to help them best access group therapy services.

Who Do We Support?

Music is an inherently social experience that empowers connection and confidence building through strengths-based approaches. Our groups provide opportunities to practice social skills while connecting with others through music!


Our therapists approach social learning using neuro-affirming strategies. We explore the social motivations of each person we support to help them reach their social goals.

Adult music therapy programs help to strengthen sense of self, autonomy, independence, confidence and esteem through active music making and joyful self-expression.

Adults with

Music is not just for little kids! Music therapy uses the positive, creative outlet of music to help tweens and teens connect through play, composition, and autonomous self-expression.

Tweens &

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice for social skill development across childhood. Our therapists build levels of play through active music making!


Music Therapy Groups for Social/Emotional Development

Music therapy groups provide opportunities to practice the social skills of creative collaboration, compromising, and social communication while connecting with peers who have similar interests! Our programs use therapeutic experiences such as the creation of music, recording technology, electronic music making and live instrument play to reach a diverse range of goals.

Social groups allow individuals of all ages to foster connections with peers through a shared experience of identifying personal goals and exploring coping strategies while supporting the individual needs of children and adults with diverse disabilities. Group sessions also focus on functional life skills for use in community engagement, employment, and more!

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