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Building Community through Music

On Saturday, June 12th, team Dynamic Lynks hosted our 3rd annual spring music showcase - our 2nd one on Zoom! The Dynamic Lynks Spring Showcase is one of our community's favorite events. It is a place for music lesson students and music therapy clients to have a comfortable space to perform and share their creativity with one another.

A Dynamic Lynks showcase does not look like your typical music school recital. At our showcase, you will see people of all ages and abilities showcasing their talents and skills! Some participants may be neurotypical, some nuerodivergent, and some with other disabilities. We celebrate each of our performers' unique creative and musical talents with the help of our supportive community.

Building Connections, Creating Community

Our showcase is more than a place to show off our clients and students talents! The showcase is a place to celebrate and build community. One of the pillars of Dynamic Lynks' mission statement is Creating Community. Our goal is to create a safe space for our clients and families to share their unique life experiences. You may have seen that slogan on our new, beautiful mural wall: Lynking the Mind. Lynking the Body. Creating Community. Dynamic Lynks is all about supporting the neural, physical, and mental wellness and development of our clients. Sharing through art is a way we can bring all of those skills together and create a larger community of amazing children and families!

Why Have a Showcase?

Skill building is a huge part of our work as music therapists. While music therapy is all about making music for non-music's sake, we do love providing traditional and adapted lessons to give our clients opportunities to develop leisure, regulation, and self-expression tools!

Skills our showcase supports:

  • Building confidence

  • Self-expression

  • Teamwork

  • Independence and autonomy

  • Leadership

  • Connection with others

Working hard on a musical skill and then sharing it with others can be a rewarding experience for many! We never "make" any of our students do the showcase, but encourage and nurture their strengths, weather it is performing or not. Our Showcase performers always say how much FUN they have during the event and to us, that positive creative experience is one of the most important elements of music making!

Email if you are interested in learning more about our accessible music lessons or music therapy services!


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