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Dynamic Lynks Blog

10 Snow Day Activites to Keep You Sane

We know many of our readers don’t live in the Chicago area, where it is currently -23 degrees without windchill, but 75% of the country is experiencing below freezing temperatures. Snowfall and ice is headed our way, and you know what that means? Snow days! Those words bring such joy for children, but for their parents it can spark a sense of stress. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with tons of activities to keep you and your little ones busy on these days trapped inside! 1. Karaoke Jam Session What’s better than singing the day away? We think nothing! YouTube has a huge variety of karaoke songs to sing and jam with your kids all day long. We suggest singing some of their favorites, and te

Valentine's Day Music Activities for Kids and Teens

We love holiday-themed therapy activities here at Dynamic Lynks, and one of my personal favorite holidays is quickly approaching. That’s right, we are talking all things Valentine’s Day in this blog post! Valentine’s Day is rooted in love, but one of the greatest forms of love is friendship. We like friendship so much, we created a whole curriculum filled with songs to practice important social skills! Today I’m sharing 2 activities to focus on friendship and social skills through music, but you can check out our friendship curriculum and CD in our shop. Activity #1: Friend in Me Group Game Toy Story is a hit song across all of the ages and abilities I serve. For this activity, I use the Toy

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