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Executive Functioning Summer Intensive

July 13th - 30th 2020

Monday - Thursday

9:30am - 11:30am

$1,200 tuition covers all instruction, therapeutic intervention, & supplies

Executive functions are a set of mental skills that help us with every day tasks,

social interactions, cognitive demands, and emotional understanding.

On our summer journey, students will work on the following skills that make up executive functioning:

Attention and Impulse Control

Organizing and Planning

Prediction and Perspective Taking

Cognitive Flexibility

Emotional Expression and Regulation


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Mindful Music

Yoga and Music Therapy come together in this unique program to help children build essential skills through active music making, asanas, and mindfulness games!

How it works:

Mindful: Dynamic Lynks uses traditional yoga poses, hands-on adjustments, visuals, and auditory cues to make this healing practice accessible to all ages and levels of ability. Children will learn strategies to aid in gross motor development, sensory processing, anxiety reduction and relaxation.

Music: Led by a team of music therapists, Dynamic Lynks music groups use instrument play, singing, story-telling, and songwriting to work on skills such as communication, attention, social interaction, emotional expression, and self-regulation. 

Prepare to rock, roll, and regulate every day!

August 3rd - 6th 2020

Monday - Thursday

9:30am - 11:30am

$320 tuition covers all instruction, therapeutic intervention, & supplies

Program Details

Our summer programs are designed for children of all ages and abilities!

After submitting your registration form, we will lead a video interview with prospective campers to make sure Dynamic Lynks is the best therapeutic and recreational environment.

Our summer program staff is comprised of highly-skilled therapists, therapy students, and additional support staff as needed.

You can learn more about our clinical training and expertise, here.

All programs run at our sensory-friendly center located at:

1100 Lake St, LL65 Oak Park, IL 60301

Visit our location page for detailed directions.


Our Team


Cabaret Kids

Our passion for musical theater runs deep here at Dynamic Lynks! Our 1st ever Cabaret Kids summer program reflects that passion, dedication and accessibility that courses through our veins.

What we do:

Students will explore musical theater through the ages, as well as excerpts of original musicals written by our very own, Ms. Alyssa! 

Learn elements of improvisation, acting and reacting, as well as proper vocal technique while putting together a culminating performance.

Cabaret Performance:

At the end of our week long camp, students will perform a variety of pieces individually and in groups. 

August 10th - 14th 2020

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 3:00pm

$500 tuition covers all instruction, therapeutic intervention, & supplies


We have loved our time (and still do) at Dynamic Lynks for our daughter. She is learning how to manage her ADHD symptoms through music and really enjoys her time there. I highly recommend their services.


- Cynthia R

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