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September: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September means school has begun, summertime has said, “see you later”, and we welcome the cool, crisp mornings of this new Fall season. As each season goes by, we too grow and change; just like the flowers, trees, and the weather. With change can come growth, beauty, new experiences and adventures.

September is not only a season of change, it is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month has been recognized in September since 2008. It is a month where we reflect, raise awareness, and share recourses while remembering those who have been affected by suicide. This post shares important contacts, online resources, and community partners that raise awareness and offer support to those in need during Suicide Awareness Month.

September 4th-10th is National Suicide Prevention Week

It is a time to rally together and share resources, such as support lines or organizations that offer mental health support, and stories of prevention.

World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10th

We observe this day by taking time to remember those affected by suicide, those we lost, and focus on raising awareness towards suicide prevention care.


In need of immediate support? Call or text 988

Each year, the 988’s Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (SCL) provides a theme and message to share and spread the word on suicide prevention. This year, that message is #BeThe1To. With this message, the 988 SCL strives to share the ways in which we, as individuals, can “be the 1 to…” show up and support others in times of crisis.

Each of these ways we can show up is directly related to data supporting what a person in crisis needs most. Below are the 5 steps and how they can help.

Ask how someone is doing in a caring and supportive way.

“Research shows people who are having thoughts of suicide feel relief when someone asks after them in a caring way. Findings suggest acknowledging and talking about suicide may reduce rather than increase suicidal ideation.”

Be There for someone who might need you without judgment.

Keep Them Safe keeping lethal materials away and out of their possession.

Help Them Stay Connected by being a supportive resource or helping someone get connected to a different supportive community.

Follow Up by calling, texting, meeting, and reaching out to someone you know needs support or has just been discharged from care services.

You Can Learn More by staying up to date with resources like the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline or additional local and national resources centers to learn more about how to you can be supportive. You can visit


Important Contact Numbers (Call and Text)

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (24 hour)

​ Call or text 988 Online Chat is Available

​Veterans Crisis Line

​Call 988 then press 1 at the prompt or text 838255

SAFE2HELP (24/7) confidential way for students to share information to help prevent suicides, bullying, school violence or other threats to school safety.

Call: 844-4-SAFEIL (844-4-723345) Text: SAFE2 (72332)

Illinois Warm Line If you or one of your family members has mental health and/or substance use challenges and would like to receive support by phone, call the Illinois Warm Line

​Call 866-359-7953 Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. except holidays

​SAMHSA National Hotline

​Call: 1-800-622-4357 (1-800-622-HELP)

​National Runaway Hotline

​1-800-Runaway (1-800-786-2929) Text: 66008

​Crisis Text Line

​Text HELLO to: 741741 Trained crisis counselors will respond and help you.

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Centers

Click the button below to search your city and state for local 988 centers

Chicagoland Crisis Centers

Chicago, IL, 60640

Wheaton, IL, 60187

Batavia, IL, 60510

Web Resources

Local Events in 2023 and Businesses

Seeking mental health support through creative arts therapy? We have mental health specialists on staff for you!

Email to schedule a free consultation with a member of our therapy team


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