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Presenting... our new Music and Movement Pack!

We have teamed up with Bear Paw Creek to create a custom Dynamic Lynks music and movement pack full of our favorite things to use in music therapy sessions. We chose every item in this pack to use with music therapy interventions for all ages. Check out the pack and grab one for yourself!

What's Inside

  • Movement Scarf

  • Textured Bean Bag

  • Pair of Rhythm Sticks

  • Wrist Jingle

  • Two egg shakers

  • Star Tambourine (Also available without tambourine.)

And you can get this cute, easy to clean bag to store it all in!

Of course you can use this pack to go along with all of the fun activities in our tele-therapy sessions and Dynamic Lynks community classes, but here are some ways you can use these instruments and props at home.

Movement Scarves

Scarves are one of our favorite movement props. Their fun colors and soft textures are perfect for visual and tactile sensory input. They are easy to manipulate, making them perfect for dancing!

Try using your scarves with songs from our album for all ages: Move. Sing. Breathe.

  • A great warm up song to improve psychomotor regulation at the start of your day

  • Each person gets a scarf and take turns being the dance leader

  • One of our most popular songs from this album!

  • Despite this song's name, this track provides fun dance and movement cues that can be used with other movement props like scarves

Textured Bean Bag

Bean bags with an interesting texture can help support tactile sensory regulation and provide great deep pressure input. We love pressing the bean bag down on different body parts as a relaxation technique.

  • Try the song "Squish the Bean Bag" from our Calm Down Kit for deep pressure regulation!

  • For teens and adults, try squeezing the bean bag along with the music assisted progressive muscle relaxation in this video on our YouTube Chanel channel

Rhythm Sticks

These can be fun to tap along to any song!

Here is another one of our favorite ways use the rhythm sticks:

  • Pick a partner

  • Each person gets one stick

  • Work together with your friend to tap your two sticks together with the beat of a song

  • For an extra challenge, try taking turns moving the stick around to different spots and see if your partner can follow, and tap your stick!

  • Try playing this game with our song "Play, Share, Fun" from our album Move. Sing. Breathe.

Wrist Jingle and Egg Shakers

  • Jingle bells are not just for the holiday season! We love their bright sound to grab your attention while playing along.

  • Egg shakers are one of our favorites to play along with any of the songs from our latest curriculum, the Coping Tools Workbook!

  • You can also add to your shaker collection with this fun at home project and sound discrimination game!

Grab your music & movement pack from Bear Paw Creek today and check out their other amazing sensory tools (including the famous stretchy band) and movement props - plus they are have a great story! Check out their site and learn more about them.


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