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Dynamic Lynks Blog

Potty Training 101

Many parents have been asking me about resources for potty training. While I am far from the potty training expert, I do have several fantastic resources for potty training. I also have some cute songs to make potty training an exciting time for your little one! Potty Training Songs I wrote a fun little song that gives the steps for using the potty and emphasizes the pride that comes with using the potty! This video from Hap Palmer is also a classic diaper freedom anthem. and this one is a great video for talking about feeling like you have to go and waiting on the potty. Potty Training Tips 1. Set a Timer - Have your child sit on the toilet for ( ) minutes with a timer. Practice waiting on

7 Best Sites for Free Special Ed Lesson Plans

After discussing the IEP and alternate plans for education, I thought I should bring in a professional parent who can discuss her experience operating outside of the traditional education system. Jenny Wise is passionate about giving her children the best education possible, and doing so from home. As a home educator, Jenny has an arsenal of resources for parents, therapists and teachers alike. I know I will be using many of these resources to create interventions for my clients! You can find even more ideas from Jenny on her website, Special Home Educator. Photo Via Pixabay As a special education teacher, parent or therapist, your time and resources are stretched thin. Fortunately, there’s

You, Me and the IEP

February is a month filled with love so I figured I should talk about a topic we all love, IEPs. ...Okay, no one really loves IEPs, but they are possibly one of the most important documents in your child’s life. What is an IEP? For those of you who are new to the world of autism, or the special needs community in general, an IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. An IEP is given to individuals who benefit from special education services in the public education system. The IEP is a binding legal document and a commitment from the school that they will provide all services outlined in the document. An IEP includes: Your child’s present level of performance (PLOP) Goals and objectives

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