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Get to Know Our Intern: Tatevik Khoja-Eynatyan

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest intern, Tatevik who will be joining us through the summer of 2023 to complete her clinical internship in Music Therapy!

Q: Where did you grow up, and what brought you to the Chicago area?

A: Armenia, Russia, and Washington, D.C. I moved to Chicago from Baltimore to be closer to my family after having my first child

Q: Where did you go to college for your music therapy degree?

A: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in Terre Haute, Indiana (distance program)

Q: What individuals and groups do you have experience working with?

A: Children, adolescents, older adults

Q: What are your favorite instruments to use in Music Therapy sessions?

A: Found instruments and DIY instruments

Q: What are your favorite skills to work on in Music Therapy sessions?

A: Social, emotional

Q: If you weren’t a music therapist, what would you be?

A: Before studying music therapy, I taught music in public schools, music schools, and various other programs. I also performed, most recently with my experimental music/theatre trio QuaQuaQua. Outside of music, I would likely be a human rights advocate or psychologist.

Q: What do you want the Dynamic Lynks family to know about you?

A: In addition to studying percussion and musicology, I’ve studied peacebuilding. This is important to me in all areas of life as we strive to find peace both within ourselves and in our communities. As a music therapist, I look forward to supporting clients on the same path of examining, understanding, and celebrating themselves, as well as building community.

Q: What does celebrating neurodiversity mean to you?

A: We are all neurologically wired in different ways. These differences are normal and lead to us navigating, processing, learning, and behaving in the world in unique ways. Celebrating neurodiversity means working from a strength-based approach. Individuals and their freedom must be celebrated and supported - both within and through interventions.

Q: What are you most excited about joining the Dynamic Lynks team?

A: I’m very excited to join the Dynamic Lynks team in their passionate and deeply effective work, community-building, and advocacy.

We are excited for this time with Tatevik to help her build therapeutic, scientific, and musical skills to best support a diverse range of clients through music therapy!


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