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Music Therapy & Telehealth

At Dynamic Lynks, we are committed to finding a solution to keep your mental, physical, and emotional health the utmost priority at this time. To support you best, while practicing social distancing, we are now offering teletherapy options for music therapy sessions, and an online community for all of our group classes!

Individual Music Teletherapy Sessions

Several therapy companies throughout the country provide social groups, individual therapy, and education through an online platform – why not give it a try with music therapy? Music Therapists have been leading teletherapy sessions for years. Research shows positive outcomes of music teletherapy, and it is a great way to connect with clients in need during a time of isolation.

All new, and current, music therapy clients also gain access to our online community!

Who are we?

We are a team of board-certified music therapists who specialize in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health Needs, Anxiety, ADHD, and mood disorders. After an initial intake, you will be paired with a Dynamic Lynks team member who specializes in your areas of need.

How does it work?

Teletherapy platforms allow the client to see us (for cues) and see worksheets or visuals as well.  Plus, we’ll be able to see the client in their camera so we can provide feedback. We use a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure safety and security for our clients.

Getting Started

  • Assessment - Your first few teletherapy sessions are the assessment period, this is where the therapist gets to know you/your child and assesses goal areas to target in session.

  • Goal Setting - From there, your therapist creates a treatment plan specific to your/your child’s needs

  • Therapeutic Intervention - Each week, your therapist will create original interventions to support your/your child's goals – using music therapy interventions such as music listening, active music making, movement, songwriting, and more!

Teletherapy Details

  1. The therapist will provide a session schedule, necessary print materials, and any other items before the therapy session begins.

  2. For those that participate in sessions independently, teletherapy sessions will look very much the same as in-person sessions.

  3. For those that need a little support, we provide resources and lead the parent/caregiver with facilitation of all interventions. This is a great time to create, bond, and grow together! You have a board-certified music therapist at your disposal to help you help someone you love.

  4. We will continue to make music. If clients have instruments at home, we will use those during these remote sessions. If a client has no instruments, we will continue to sing, write music, use digital materials, and get creative to reach our goals.


Sadly, many insurance companies are not covering or reimbursing Telehealth services at this time. However, Dynamic Lynks has always been a 100% private pay company. With sessions starting as low as $50, we aim to make Telehealth accessible for a whole new group of individuals across the globe!

Our commitment to our community is our top priority. We can’t wait to get creative and best serve you during this unprecedented time.

Email or call (708) 620 - 2373 to schedule a free virtual consultation!


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