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Isolation Ideas

Last week I did a FaceBook Live social group with the theme of sharing. During this group all of the participants watching shared one thing they have been doing to stay busy and engaged while at home! In today's post I want to share some of these amazing ideas with you.

Staying active and engaged during this challenging time of social distancing and staying home is truly vital to maintaining skills gained in therapy and maintaining good mental health. Which is why we have launched our online, interactive community and telehealth sessions for music therapy!

For a low fee of $20/week, you gain access to 5+ interactive music & yoga classes for all ages and abilities. Our goal is to give our families as many resources as possible to stay active, stay well, and stay safe during this challenging time. In addition to our amazing online community, check out all these activities you can do to make music and be well!

Be Musical

Music Listening

  • Family Playlist - Work together to pick a theme and make a family playlist!

  • In-Home Concert - So many musicians are going Live on Instagram and Facebook - Global Citizen is sponsoring a "Together at Home Live Series" on Instagram with some of our favorite pop artists!

Make Music

  • Music Apps - LaunchPad and Incredibox are some of our favorites to use in session. They are highly engaging, and you can have hours of fun making your own music!

  • Crome Music Lab - We have recently discovered this and it is such a fun way to make cool songs online

  • Homemade band - Even if you don't have instruments, you can use Tupperware and chop sticks as drums - what else can you find around the house that you can make music with?

  • Sing with Us - Join us for Facebook Live social sing-a-longs where we take your song requests! It's like a live jukebox for all - just "like" us on Facebook and you'll see every time we go live!

Get Moving!

Have a dance party!

Stretch & Relax:

Try a Workout Video

Remember to Breathe

Meditation and guided relaxation can be a great way for all ages to find peace and positivity, especially in these scary times.

Connect with Your Inner Artist

Live stream art classes

  • LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems! (Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence at Home) on Facebook HERE

"Go" to an Art Museum

  • You can explore The National Galery of Art here!

Online Drawling

Try Something New!

Get creative and think of something that maybe you or your family has always wanted to learn how to do - NOW is the time you can learn how to do it!

  • Pick up a new hobby - I have some friends that are taking this time to learn how to juggle

  • Teach your family dog to do a cool new trick

  • Take this time to work together as a family in the kitchen and create some tasty dishes or bake sweet treats.

Yes, these are limiting and stressful times.

But within limits sprouts inspiration and creativity!

Stay well & stay in touch, let us know how we can support YOU through the COVID crazies


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