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10 Snow Day Activites to Keep You Sane

We know many of our readers don’t live in the Chicago area, where it is currently -23 degrees without windchill, but 75% of the country is experiencing below freezing temperatures. Snowfall and ice is headed our way, and you know what that means? Snow days! Those words bring such joy for children, but for their parents it can spark a sense of stress. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with tons of activities to keep you and your little ones busy on these days trapped inside!

1. Karaoke Jam Session

What’s better than singing the day away? We think nothing! YouTube has a huge variety of karaoke songs to sing and jam with your kids all day long. We suggest singing some of their favorites, and teaching them some of your favorites! This is a great way to bond, work on expressive language skills, and use the screen for human interaction. Check out our Snow Day Karaoke playlist!

2. Freeze Dance

Here are a few of our favorite freeze dances! We love doing these around the house on cold days to warm up our bodies. Freeze Dances are a great way to practice impulse control, following directions, and even balance – if you hold a cool pose!

3. Just Dance Videos

If freezing isn’t something you’re interested in doing more of, YouTube is also full of instructional dance videos to follow along with. We’ve made a playlist of some of the top dance hits in our groups. These videos are wonderful for following visual directions and improving motor skills. Also, a great chance for you to learn some sweet dance moves to embarrass your kids later, ha!

4. Make Your Own Play Dough

We love this recipe for natural, lavender play dough. If you don’t have essential oils lying around, you can use the recipe to make original play dough. Have fun experimenting with different colors and scents depending on what you have in the house!

5. Coloring Pages

We love these Kick Back and Color books that come with accompanying music playlists! We pick up a bunch every time we are at the dollar store. If you can’t leave the house, just google free printable coloring pages and you will find loads of options! For a fun twist, have your kids pick a song that goes with the coloring page they chose to add some relaxation in the background. This is a great way to teach self-regulation strategies!

6. Do Yoga

On our YouTube channel we have an easy to follow sun salutation video. Check it out and get your bodies moving while you’re trapped inside. If your kids want to do more, Cosmic Kids yoga is our absolute favorite!

7. Bake a New Recipe

Being stuck inside in the cold is always made better with a warm oven and delicious treats! The Natural Nurturer has some of our favorite, kid-friendly recipes – made with healthy ingredients! Check out her dessert recipes and make the perfect sweet treat with your little ones to beat the cold.

8. Become a Snow Man

Such a simple game, but a great one to play on a cold, snowy day. All you need for this one is toilet paper! The goal is to see how quickly you can wrap someone in an entire roll of toilet paper to make them look like a snowman. You can do time trials with one another and see who can become a snowman the fastest!

9. Make a Craft

Pinterest is full of ideas, but it can be a bit overwhelming. We love the craft projects on this page! Many of them can be made with simple items around the house so you don’t have to venture out in the snow and cold.

10. Marie Kondo Your House

If you haven’t seen tidying up on Netflix, a snow day is the perfect time to binge-watch it! Take on a room in your house to tidy and have your kids help. Marie is a big fan of teaching children to tidy early. Pick a simple project, or a hard one if you are feeling adventurous, and make it a fun game with family!

What are your favorite snow and cold activities? Let us know in the comment section!

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