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Halloween is coming up fast, and it is one of my absolute favorite holidays! Maybe it is my creative nature, but I love decorating the house, carving pumpkins, and figuring out a cool costume to wear. For some families, Halloween isn’t always a joyous holiday.

Having to go door-to-door with a child who may not have mastered the art of “trick-or-treat” yet can be challenging. While I like to think everyone in the world is as caring and open-minded as our community, this is often not the case. Halloween is a great time to share your unique child with the world, and advocate for neurodiversity and acceptance.

If you are visiting houses around your neighborhood and want to help educate families on your child's uniqure abilities, you might consider passing out these cards. I have found this helps break the ice for you and your child to have an enjoyable trick-or-treating experience, and to start the conversation about neurodiversity!

For the children who are still learning the social communication skills involved in trick-or-treating, you can print out this story book and read it with them. You can also print out your story book and follow along with the song below to teach your child trick-or-treating in a fun new way!

I hope these ideas have been helpful. I truly want every child to have a fantastic Halloween, regardless of their current level of ability! If there are any other ways I can help your child be successful this holiday, please reach out to me or comment below.

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