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5 Ways to use Plastic Eggs that aren't Candy!

Easter is just around the corner and we are seeing those pesky, plastic eggs pop up everywhere. Luckily, there are so many ways to use them at home, in session, or in the classroom – that has nothing to do with candy!

Hatching Game

A lot of my clients have a difficult time with impulse control, and this is a fun way to practice waiting and patience.


  • Fill each plastic egg with one motor movement - written on a strip or a picture

  • Have children sit in a circle

  • Place a bucket in the middle of the circle, filled with plastic eggs with movements inside

  • Play “duck, duck, goose” but the goose has to sit on the bucket and hatch an egg

  • The group does a 10 second drum roll while the goose hatches the egg

  • After 10 seconds, the goose stands up and picks an egg

  • The goose opens the egg and everyone has to complete the movement inside

  • The goose then plays “duck, duck, goose” and picks the next egg hatcher

Depending on how excited your children might become, you can fill the eggs with large movements like jumping or spinning, or small movements like clapping and stomping that can be done while they remain seated. Movements that can be done seated will also help minimize transition time from sitting to standing.

Pick a Movement

This is a fun way to get the sillies out and repurpose the movement-filled eggs you made for the hatching game.


  • Put on your child(ren)’s favorite song

  • Fill a bag or bucket with the movement-filled eggs

  • Have children stand in a circle

  • Pass the bucket around the circle with the music

  • When the music stops (you pause it), the child holding the bucket has to pick an egg

  • All children have to perform the movement inside the egg when the music comes back on

  • Repeat until all children have picked an egg or the song ends

Again, you can do this activity seated or standing, depending on what your child(ren) most need.

Boomwhacker Brain Break

Plastic Easter eggs come in a variety of colors, and they often match the colors of the boomwhackers. Boomwhackers are a fun instrument to use both in and out of the music therapy setting. They can work on a variety of skills including auditory processing, following one-step directions, and teamwork.


  • Place plastic eggs in a bucket that is not see-through (I pour the whole bag of eggs inside)

  • Have your child(ren) pick one egg from the bucket, without looking

  • Place the eggs on the floor in a line, after each child has picked their egg

  • Figure out what color boomwhackers you need that match the eggs on the floor

  • Give each child a boomwhacker

  • Point to each egg, and the person holding that color boomwhacker has to play

This is a fun way to create original compositions that requires zero musical knowledge. You could even set a back beat using Garage Band, and the children have to play their boomwhacker with the beat.

Homemade Egg Shakers

Egg Shakers are one of my favorite instruments to use in session. This is a fun, easy way to make your own at home!


  • Buy rice, beans, dried noodles, etc. to place in the plastic eggs

  • Have each child choose what they want to fill their eggs with and place those materials in the egg

  • Make sure to seal the eggs either with hot glue or tape

  • Put on your child(ren)’s favorite song and have them rock out with their new instrument!

When deciding what to put in your egg, you can fill each egg with a different filling and listen to what sounds best. You could even fill the eggs yourself and have the children guess what is inside. This is a great way to work on auditory processing and problem-solving in a new, fun way!

Balance and Freeze

It is sometimes difficult to control our body, and this is a fun way to practice “being careful” and keeping our body still.


  • Pass out 1 plastic egg to each child

  • Put on a Freeze Dance

  • When the children freeze, they have to balance their egg where you tell them (head, hand, knee, etc.)

You can make this more difficult by having them freeze in specific poses or increasing the amount of time they have to stay frozen.

I can’t wait to see how you use your plastic eggs with your kids! If you enjoyed these activities, share them with your friends and let us know which one was your favorite.

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