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Stop & Think

Today in our #30DaysofGratitude series we are practicing mindfulness and meditation strategies through the song "Stop and Think". You can download the full song in our shop, which is part of the Emotional Rollercoaster CD and activity pack. While this song was originally written for children to practice mindfulness, I've found it has become a tool in my daily arsenal for teaching emotional regulation.

Mindfulness and meditation often get thrown around as complicated terms, so what is it really? Mindfulness is the simple practice of bringing your mind to this moment. This is often done through breath work or movement, such as yoga, to connect the brain with the body. Meditation is simply allowing your brain to slow down and create free space, minimizing those daily rushing thoughts.

I have been on an acronym kick in my groups lately, so here is how I help my clients remember Mindfulness (and meditation):

M - Meditate, keep your Mind

I - In the moment

N - No

D - Distractions

F - Focus on..

U - yoU! Where you are, how you're feeling

L - Let it flow, let it go!

Using the song stop and think, you can practice mindfulness and meditation through rewriting the lyrics of the song. You fill in the blanks with moments that cause you the most stress and the tools that help you relax. The goal of the song is to remind your brain, even in its most heightened state, to stop, breathe, be in the moment, and let everything else go. You can download the lyric re-write sheet to use for yourself, for your kids, or for your clients!

Reminding our brains to relax, breathe, and be free during moments of stress is crucial for practicing self-care, positivity, and gratitude.

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