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Opening Night... It's Opening Night!

Hello and welcome to Dynamic Lynks!

We are so excited you stopped by to check out our services and programs. Dynamic Lynks provides holistic therapy through music and movement for the unique mind-body connection of autism. A team of professionals help Dynamic Lynks run, but I am the lady who started it all. My name is Alyssa Wilkins, and I am a Passionate Autism Provider, Board Certified Music Therapist, music educator and yoga instructor.

I began working with children with autism nearly a decade ago, and have made it my mission in life to change their lives through unique programming, community activism, and parent education. I believe every child can reach their fullest potential through comprehensive therapy and parental support!

My passion, in tandem with a lot of education and training, lead to this incredible moment where I am able to launch my private therapeutic center for the children I love and care for most in the world.

Dynamic Lynks is opening its first location in Oak Park, IL on Saturday, June 11th from 12 - 4pm, and I want to personally invite you to our Opening Day: Family Fun Fest!

Our first location may be new, but I have been providing individual and group music therapy programs for the past several years in the Chicago area. I am thrilled to be able to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to this amazing center. Dynamic Lynks is a safe, supportive community for children and parents to learn and grow with holistic help and hope.

I hope you are able to join us for the event! Connect with us, learn more, and check out our session schedule to see what opportunities are available for your little one!

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