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Read Parent Testimonials on the Success of Our Programs 

I cannot explain all the change I have seen in my children in just these few lines. When my son first came to class, he would only cry and cry. I was worried he would never join in. Now he asks me 'Mom, when are we going to music class?' He tells all his friends that he wants to play guitar like Ms. Alyssa. She is a magnificent and spectacular human being!


Parent of a 4-year-old and 12-year-old

Alyssa is awesome! She truly loves what she does and works to meet each child where they are at and engage them with music.


Parent of a 17-year-old

Miss Alyssa was great. The music she developed was wonderful. We could really tell how she enjoyed working with the kids. He can't wait to sign up for the next session!


Parent of a 9 year old

Alyssa is very sympathetic and keeps us parents informed of progress. I love her charisma and how she engages with each individual child at their own pace!


Parent of a 6 year old

The unique needs of every participant have been carefully considered when programs were planned and implemented. It's been WONDERFUL for my child to be a part of a program where he is accepted AS IS and his special needs are valued and understood!  Alyssa really got to know my son's strengths and highlighted them throughout the program. Nothing seems to rattle her. She took all of these very special kids on a 'journey' with such grace and professionalism! Thank you!


Parent of an 11-year-old

My son talks about Miss Alyssa constantly. I'm very impressed with the quality of the material she wrote. My children enjoyed the program and the music is really good!


Parent of an 11-year-old and 13-year-old

Alyssa is very upbeat, positive, and has wonderful skills in working with special needs children. Thank you for allowing our children to experience something that would have been otherwise difficult for them to do in a typical setting.


Parent of a 12-year-old

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