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Gratitude Songwriting

We are more than halfway through our #30DaysofGratitude series, and I cannot believe it! Today, we are throwing it back to an oldy, but a goody, blog post filled with Thanksgiving-themed activities for all ages. I have updated the post below to focus on today's 30 Days of Gratitude challenge, listing the things you are grateful for. I encourage you to fill in the blanks of this song with the things you are grateful for to practice gratitude today!

This activity has been a hit every year, and it’s amazing to hear all of the beautiful memories my clients are able to share either through words or through selecting images from a choice board.

Directions (option 1):

  • Pass out a copy of the Give Thanks songwriting worksheet to each group member

  • Have each group member fill-in-the-blanks of the songwriting sheet

  • Collect each sheet, then play each version of the song

  • Ask the rest of the group to guess who wrote each song after playing

Directions (option 2):

  • Have each member of the group take turns answering the questions “What are you thankful for?”

  • You can write some options on a white board or create a visual choice board for non-verbal participants

  • Complete the song by filling-in-the-blanks on the sheet with each person's answer, then sing the final version with all of the answers put together!

I hope this is an activity you can do for yourself, with your children, or with any groups you are leading this November!

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