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Thanksgiving Songs for Skill Development

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only a week away! I know it is cliché, but this year is truly flying by too quickly. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is filled with memories of delicious food and my family. I am heading home to New Jersey this year to celebrate the holiday, and we are trying something new. We are going to Philadelphia to watch their Thanksgiving Day Parade. As my excitement grows for Thanksgivings quick approach, I have some songs to share to get you excited too!

Tom the Turkey

This activity has been a HIT in my music therapy sessions. My kiddos love putting together the puzzle and singing along with the song.

You can use the song to work on several different skills. You can cue your child to sing along with the “mm-hmm” to work on phonation. You can work on articulation, specifically targeting the “t” sound, throughout the whole song. You can work on academic skills and problem-solving through having your child identify the items in the song.

Turkey Time

This song and dance is a fun way to get moving around Thanksgiving time. It is so cool to see all of my different kiddos performing the silly turkey moves with their own twist!

You can use this song to work on gross motor skills. Specifically, you can target sequencing movements and combining movements. This is also a great song to use for following multi-step directions as the song adds a new step with each verse.

I can’t wait to see how you use these songs in your sessions and in your home. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to hear new songs like these, and let me know if your child enjoys them!

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