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Halloween is coming up fast, and it is one of my absolute favorite holidays! Maybe it is my creative nature, but I love decorating the house, carving pumpkins, and figuring out a cool costume to wear. For some families, Halloween isn’t always a joyous holiday. Having to go door-to-door with a child who may not have mastered the art of “trick-or-treat” yet can be challenging. While I like to think everyone in the world is as caring and open-minded as our community, this is often not the case. Halloween is a great time to share your unique child with the world, and advocate for neurodiversity and acceptance. If you are visiting houses around your neighborhood and want to help educate families

Parents in Practice: Do's and Don'ts

This week, I was inspired by a podcast the Autism Science Foundation released on the role of parents in interventions and therapies. As I have said in previous posts, parents are an integral part of the therapeutic experience. I see your child for one hour a week; you see them all the time. You are 99% of their life and the more you learn to help them grow, the quicker their skills will develop! As you embark on this journey of special education, IEPs, therapy sessions, assessments… you are likely to become overwhelmed. Though I have been working in the field for a decade, most parents are new to this and don’t know where to draw the line when participating in therapy with their child. I am

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