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Dynamic Lynks Blog

Gotta Catch 'Em All: Using Pokémon to Work on Social/Emotional Skills in ASD

I am an adult woman who, in full disclosure, has no interest in playing video games. But I am ADDICTED to Pokémon Go! In my house, we play the game at least an hour a day, and boy is our pup pooped! I don't know what draws me to the game. It could be that I missed out on the original Pokémon craze when I was a child, or that it sparks my ever so prevalent competitive nature. Whatever the reason may be, I'm sure most of you have been reading all the articles that show how Pokémon Go can be used for children with autism. As soon as these articles were published, I found them fascinating. Children were engaging in spontaneous communication, interacting with new peers and the world around them e

Just Keep Swimming: A Therapist's Take on Finding Dory

Hopefully by now most of you have seen Finding Dory. If you have not, I highly suggest it! And I will try not to place too many spoilers in this post. The story centers around Dory’s desire to find her parents as bits and pieces of memories fill in her brain. But the deeper story is that of acceptance. Acceptance of a fish that is different, a fish who is unique, a fish who wants nothing more than to fit in despite her memory challenges. Dory does not just want the world to accept her, she struggles to accept herself. This message echoed so true for me as an autism service provider. I see this struggle every day with the kids who walk through my door. I first see it with their parents. Paren

I Got this Feeling, Inside my Bones

I cannot believe it is already the final week of the Broadway themed Music Therapy intervention series! It has been such a blast sharing these posts with you, and I hope they remain an asset for therapists, parents, and teachers for years to come. This week focuses on one of my favorite domain areas, sensory integration. I find that I use a ton of sensory interventions, since I specialize in the treatment of children with autism. These interventions are some of my most popular, and most effective, techniques. For those of you who are not familiar with sensory integration strategies, they use tools, and in this case music, to access the sensory systems and aid in regulation through input of s

Express Yourself!

I cannot believe July is already in full-swing and this is the fourth post in the Broadway Music Therapy interventions series! If you missed the previous posts, be sure to check them out before or after you finish this one. I hope your summer is going as well as mine, and that this time with family and friends is not wasted. I believe summer is the best time to develop old and new friendships, but, as you probably know first-hand, developing relationships can be challenging for individuals with autism. It is such a critical element of autism that the DSM 5, the latest edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, has made social communication one of the 2 impairments necessary to diagnose au

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