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Dynamic Lynks Blog

Let's Get Motor/Physical

Welcome back to part three of the musical theater inspired series! If you missed parts one and two, make sure to check them out before or after you read this post. This week might just be my favorite set of interventions, because it involves lots of dancing! Though I am a music therapist, I am also a dancer who trained rigorously for 14 years. I love dancing, and I incorporate movement into every one of my sessions. I do this for 2 specific reasons: Outside of the western world, music and movement go hand-in-hand. Most cultures incorporate movement into every one of their songs and chants. It is a natural physical response to move with the groove! Music aids in rhythmic entertainment and hel

The Brain, The Brain, The Center of the Chain

I hope you enjoyed the first blog post in our Broadway series! If you missed the interventions focused on speech and language skills, you can check them out here. I am thrilled to share part 2 of our series on one of the greatest days of my life. "Did you get engaged?" You might ask. "Did you win the lottery?" No, my dear readers, it is something even better. Yesterday, I was able to get tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago! The show that I have been obsessed with all year will be gracing my ear drums in 8 short months. I know that is a long ways away, so I will cure my Broadway musical urge by sharing some more interventions with you. This week's Broadway themed interventions focus on the cog

They Say the Neon Lights are Bright on Broadway

As a music therapist-theater nerd hybrid, and with the Tony’s gracing our presence Sunday evening, I figured it was the perfect time to share some Broadway inspired music therapy interventions. I wanted to put all of the interventions I came up with into one post, but that would have been ten pages long! Instead, I have decided to do a 5-week series of interventions from different clinical domains using Broadway songs. These interventions are geared toward children with autism, but can be adapted for many different ages and clinical populations. This weeks’ post includes 2 interventions that work on communication goals. Specific objectives include initiating speech sounds (respiration and ph

You never turned away, you were right there and I thank you.

As we embark on the opening of Dynamic Lynks first holistic therapy center, I can't help but look back at how this company has developed. I've always had the dream of opening a center for children with autism. On my first campus tour of the University of Miami, I remember telling my soon-to-be professor that I wanted to open a school for children with autism. Everyone told me that dream would change. I would find new passions, new ideas. And while the ideas did change, the core mission and purpose stayed true. At first it was a school. Then, after seeing all the red tape and bureaucracy involved with that dream, I quickly shifted the concept to a center benefiting children and families affec

Opening Night... It's Opening Night!

Hello and welcome to Dynamic Lynks! We are so excited you stopped by to check out our services and programs. Dynamic Lynks provides holistic therapy through music and movement for the unique mind-body connection of autism. A team of professionals help Dynamic Lynks run, but I am the lady who started it all. My name is Alyssa Wilkins, and I am a Passionate Autism Provider, Board Certified Music Therapist, music educator and yoga instructor. I began working with children with autism nearly a decade ago, and have made it my mission in life to change their lives through unique programming, community activism, and parent education. I believe every child can reach their fullest potential through c

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